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Today’s demanding high-performance building industry requires professionals with specific expertise to solve the energy challenges of our modern built environment.  Mayflower Energy Engineering is dedicated to helping its clients beyond traditional engineering in order to achieve high-efficiency building performance.  We accomplish this by offering energy engineering solutions together with on-site project implementation services.

We pride ourselves in turning engineering problems into solutions: pioneering ways to design and deliver solutions that are specific to each client’s requirements. Our end-to-end services reflect the latest in engineering techniques and innovative technologies.


Professional integrity coupled with practical engineering expertise. The results? Sustainable engineering with verifiable results. We encourage Building Developers, Property Owners & Managers and Project Investors to look to us for professional and technical guidance throughout their energy implementation and consulting projects. Our goal is to streamline the entire implementation of an energy performance project. Our clients can be comfortable in the knowledge that their projects are in the hands of industry experts.


From project inception to completion, Mayflower Energy Engineering offers solutions encompassing feasibility analysis, design, end-to-end project management, independent performance verification and commissioning.

We pride ourselves in offering transparent engineering that works.


Mayflower Energy Engineering PLLC, a privately held Professional Limited Liability Corporation, is a leading independent consultancy firm serving clients across the building industry within New York City and the Tri-State area.  Founded on being a single-source provider of comprehensive energy and engineering services, our team has over 30 years of combined project experience offering the best in-class energy & sustainability consulting, end-to-end performance-driven project implementation and independent commissioning services. 
Our mission is to apply practical engineering solutions to maximize efficiency, optimize systems integration, and reduce environmental impact while providing the highest return on investment for our clients within the multifamily, commercial, and institutional markets.

We are Mayflower Energy Engineering. Our passion is ethical sustainable engineering.
 We believe all energy projects must produce verifiable results.
 We believe quality engineering and construction practices do not necessarily need to cost more.
 We believe sustainable engineering is our only path to the future.


Mayflower Energy Engineering is a fusion of industry leaders, experts and pioneers who have been re-shaping the energy engineering industry with over 20 Million square feet of recognizable consulting and construction experience.

Our team includes certified Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, Building Commissioning Professionals, and Multifamily Building Analysts.


With over 20 Million square feet of recognizable consulting and construction experience in the United States, Canada and South America, our team has the boots-on-the-ground experience to tackle your engineering challenges.

 Our past project list demonstrates the wide range of skills that our team possesses.


Mr. Borges was brought by one of our vendors to troubleshoot and commission a cogen system that wasn’t operating two years after installation because of multiple system integration flaws. He methodically tested the system and identified the issues, took control of all aspects of the corrective work and remained hands-on and engaged from beginning to end. After his changes were implemented the system was successfully commissioned and running. His technical expertise, the effort he invested and the dedication he showed are all deeply appreciated.”

Joseph ZolenasManager Housing Services - Johns Hopkins University

Bernardo was the lead project engineer on one of our energy efficiency retrofit projects, and I was very satisfied with his work. He was professional and pro-active in his approach to engineering and construction, and brought to the table the required expertise to get the job done, from design through construction to project close-out.

Peter LehrDirector of Management - Kaled Management Corp.

Bernardo Borges is an experienced engineer who has a solid construction, project management and energy efficiency background. I’ve always found him to be professional, and working with him to be a cooperative, collaborative effort. His technical knowledge of building systems and how they interact, combined with his passion for sustainability and willingness to learn and innovate, sets him apart from other engineers.

Davidge Warfield, OPMP CMH CMRVice President - Consolidated Environmental, Inc.



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